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Welcome to GuangZhou Aoyou Technology Company Limited

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Guangzhou Aoyou Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates international trade, We have got the registration for solid and liquid medical packing materials and containers granted by state food and drug administration in 2001. Our national medicine package numbers are 20010082, 20020024, 20070679, and 20070674.Our company covers an area of 8600 square meters .We have two sets of 100,000 level cleaning workshop and more than 20 sets of advanced equipments ,such as full automatic injection moulding, blow molding, injection and blow molding equipment. The complete quality testing equipments with advanced technology guarantee the quality of our products . The annul output of medical plastic bottle of solid and liquid can reach at millions. Our products are well-received both at home and abroad.With the rapid development of high-tech bio-pharmaceutical and medical technology, our company is constantly innovating bottle design and improving processes. We can also produce new and different products as customer's requirement. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer after-sale services and provide excellent products ,perfect,thoughtful and fast transportation. We are confident to be your reliable partner and wish to maintain long-term business relationship with you. Sincerely hope we can cooperate with you in the near future!
The products independently developed by the company have the necessary export trade certificates such as European and American CE, US FDA, ISO and so on. The factory can process incoming materials, own OEM production lines, and customize your exclusive brand. At the same time, we also have our own brand products, which have been distributed to 18 chain supermarkets worldwide through distributors. The quality of the processed products and the products of our own brand have been recognized by customers. In addition to the excellent after-sales service, we have not received any customer quality complaints.
At present, the company is in a difficult R & D investment period. This standing investment will continue and cost a lot, but this is the material foundation for us to become the field. This year we will have more patented products listed on the market and the company will welcome Rapid development period.



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Add: Room C01,3/F,No.108 Ke yun Road,Tianhe District,GuangZhou, China

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